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Visit Website is a special site for bisexual women, bisexual men, bi couples and bi curious people who are interested in bisexual dating, threesome dating and polyamorous relationships. This bisexual site provides unique features and service which help people find their buddies immediately. It is the best site for people seeking polygamy dating or polyamorous relationships. If you are one of bisexuals, threesome finders or people seeking polyamorous relationships, BiCupid is the perfect platform for people succeed in polygamy dating safely and effectively.

Features of BiCupid

One of reason to make the BiCupid as the top site for people to find real and safe polyamorous relationships is its fantastic features. As it known, most people are busy with their business. Almost all people want to make all things convenient and easy. Some features of BiCupid make online polygamy dating and bisexual dating convenient. Users are able to find and meet their lovers conveniently and easily. For example, if a user wants to be a member on this bisexual dating site, he/she can just need login with his/her Facebook account. To learn more convenient features, just check the details below:

Online polygamy chat

It is direct way for people, especially for some new members to find people and chat with these persons who are online. Users can join these polygamy chat rooms and find their potential polyamorous relationships easily and directly. In additional, other members can also easily find these new members and get more options and opportunities.

Polyamorous videos

A video can easily catch a user’s eyes. Undoubtedly, if you want to get more attention polyamorous videos is one direct and attractive introduction to make you let other members know your in a short time. Members ca save their time and energy to write their introductions. Meanwhile, users are able to make sure they are talking with real person but not a spam or robot.

24/7 customer service

It is unavoidable for some users have some doubts or problems when using this polygamy dating site. 24/7 customer service facilitates people their doubts and problems quickly. Users can find a nice partner for polygamy dating or polyamorous relationships without difficulty.


Some polyamorous dating sites are high quality and safe sites for people to select. However, users need spend much money on these sites. BiCupid is a high quality site with reasonable price for people to find polyamorous relationships. BiCupid is totally free to join. Users only need pay some money when they want to be gold members to use some unique features. Some members, especially some female users find their potential buddies without any costing a coin. Check the details of price of this site.

Gold Membership
1 month $29.95($39.95) month Total $29.95
3 month $23.3($29.95) month Total $69.99
6 month $18.3($29.70) month Total $109.99


By following the aforesaid, BiCupid is the best and most convenient bisexual or polyamorous dating site for bisexuals and polyamorous finders. In addition, this site is a safe site, as well. BiCupid does not conduct background checks on the members of this website. If members find any spams or cheaters, they can quickly block them or ask customer service block them permanently. Of course, if users want to avoid these spams, they can just verify or view these verified members.

In short, if you are looking for polyamorous relationships safely and conveniently, Bi Cupid is the first choice.


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