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PolyMatchMaker.com(PMM) is one old and simple site for people to find and create non-monogamous relationship. Users on this polyamorous dating site are seeking open relationships, open sexuality, equality, freedom, choice, love, sexuality, sincerity, hope, trust, happiness, and especially polyamorous relationships. Compared with other listed polyamorous dating sites, users in PolyMatchMaker are various. Although the design of this site is not attractive, with long time history, here are still hundreds and thousands of polyamorous seekers on this site.

Features of Poly Match Maker

PolyMatchMaker is a little different other sites. As sign-up process takes lots of time, a variety of polygamy singles are not willing to select this site. Now most of users are old users, the new members are very few. More and more visitors would like to choose some popular and attractive polygamy dating sites. However, it still provides some features for users to find their partners right like search tool, monogamous community and so forth.

Search tool

Users on Poly match maker can find their potential partners via Country, City, Region, Gender, Age and other preferences. Certainly, only these users who own premium membership can use some advanced search service.

Check who's online

The premium members on PMM can check who is been on lately. But it is not exactly accurate. It shows a would-be match that all you do is spend your time online. Users can not find all online members. They may miss the chance to get more option and chances to land a successful polyamorous relationship.

Safety tips for polyamorous dating and PolyMatchMaker News

These listed safety tips are some basic safety rules for users seeking non-monogamous relationship. Users just need spend one or two minutes to read these safety tips which save them a lot of time. Moreover, these PolyMatchMaker News are easy to read, users can read them without difficulty.

It is a choice if you have ideas. But you’d better be a gold member to get more options and opportunities, PolyMatchMaker only accept payment though PayPal. PMM doesn’t accept other kind of payment. The price of Poly Match Maker is listed on the site. Only members who want to be gold members can find the exact price.


To sum up, PolyMatchMaker.com is a polyamory community for people who are not only seeking polyamorous relationships but also open sexuality, equality, freedom, choice, love, sexuality. But this polygamy dating site have many disadvantages, if you want to find and meet polygamy singles safely and effectively, BiCupid or Polygamy Dating are better.

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