Pros and Cons of Polygamy for Women

polygamy for women

Polygamy refers to the practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time.

While polygamy is more commonly associated – and all too often presumed to apply to men only, it is, in fact, a universal term that applies to men and women in equal measure.

If we are to talk specifically about each gender, then polygyny is when a man has more than one wife at the same time, while polyandry is when a woman has more than one husband at the same time.

In this article, we will look at both these situations – from the perspective of women as polygamy singles.


Clearly, there are advantages or pros to polygamy for women. We will explore some of those advantages below.


Irrespective of whether we are looking at polygyny or polyandry, the advantage of choice holds true in both scenarios. In the case of polygyny, since the woman is one of the others, she has the choice of not serving her husband when she doesn’t wish to, say when she is having her menstrual cycles.

In the case of polyandry, the aspect of choice takes on even bigger proportions; the choice is perhaps the biggest driver for which polygamy singles would get into such a relationship in the first place. After all, instead of having to choose between say two or more equal suitors, she can have all of them available to her, as and when she desires.

Division of responsibilities

Any polygamous relationship eventually leads to a scenario where responsibilities get divided, without overburdening one particular individual. Since we are talking about women in this article, we can assert that responsibilities get divided between multiple wives in case of polygyny. In a polyandry scenario, the same aspect is in fact accentuated – the woman can easily choose to divide multiple tasks or responsibilities between the different men in her life.

Ultimately, clearly she ends up with a more comfortable life!

Emotional Distance

A lot of women do not always want to have emotional baggage weighing down on their relationships. This is especially true in case of polygamy dating where the idea is to date multiple men at the same time, without necessarily being tied down to one.

Sure, there is a distinct possibility of emotions coming into the picture, especially with many women claiming to have a strong emotional bonding with each of the multiple partners that they are involved in. But largely, we observe that polygamy for women gives many womenfolk the emotional distance, the space and indeed the breather which they so fervently seek as polygamy singles.


It is unfortunate that the aspect of variety, in the context of relationships, is largely associated with men only. This is in spite of the fact that many women yearn for variety in their lives too.

Typically, most mainstream relationships do not allow women to actively seek out variety. But when it comes to polygamy singles they can easily go ahead and have multiple partners without any qualms whatsoever.

This kind of a scenario, in turn, offers many advantages of its own:

Emotional Contentment

Different partners are able to proffer varying levels of emotional support, ultimately leading to all-round emotional contentment.

Multiple Physical Attributes

Many people do not realize that attraction and attractiveness are not as one-dimensional as is made out to be. In the context of polygamy for women, a polygamy singles lady might find the eyes of one man attractive, the physique of another, the sexual prowess of yet another, and maybe the sheer emotional support she gets from still another man.

Now, thanks to polygamy dating, she is not compelled to choose between these men. Instead, she can have them all, thus giving her what she wants, with the kind of variety that she may prefer.

Task Allocation

The aspect of variety in the context of relationships comes to the fore with task allocation as well. For instance, a woman in a polygamy dating relationship with three different men is fully aware of the kind of real-life tasks that they can perform.

Let’s – for the sake of this argument, assume that these three men happen to be a doctor, a lawyer, and a programmer. Alongside this, they have their own physical attributes and capabilities. Accordingly, the woman can then allocate appropriate tasks, which she would not be able to in a monogamous scenario.


Now that we have looked at the advantages of polygamy for women, it is only appropriate that we look at the disadvantages or cons as well. After all, the idea is to present a balanced perspective, and for that, sharing the cons would be just as essential.

Societal Non-Acceptance

While it is widely believed that polygamy was a common practice in ancient times, today’s scenario is almost entirely about monogamy. Let’s accept facts as they are – polygamy is an exceptionally rare phenomenon, especially in mainstream Western society.

Therefore, to expect polygamy for women to be easily accepted is actually quite a big ask.

If the same was merely in the context of polygamy dating and nothing more, it might have still been relatively easy. But to be wedded to multiple men at the same time (or to be one of many wives for a single man) is, at least in the current scenario, rather tough to find mainstream societal acceptance.


Do you recall the point we made about emotional distance – as being a major advantage of polygamy, especially polygamy dating?

Having made that point, it would only be pertinent to point out the flip side to it, which is jealousy.

After all, as much as we try to emotionally distance ourselves, in most romantic and close relationships, emotional bonds invariably form. To then remain detached is genuinely not an easy ask.

Jealousy especially arises when partners end up giving more attention to one or more of the others. So let’s say there is a scenario where the woman in question is one of three other partners/wives. When the man in this equation starts paying more attention to the other women, it is almost a given that this particular woman in the thick of things would start to feel jealous.

The broad point being made here is that whenever you think about polygamy for women; keep the jealousy factor in mind.


In extreme scenarios of jealousy (and others such as scorn), things can go terribly wrong among polygamy singles to the extent that partners could even end up hurting each other.

Sure, this is an extreme scenario – and happens only in the rarest of rare cases, but it would be ignorant to dismiss it off as something which is improbable; it is not.


From this article, we can clearly gauge that when it comes to polygamy for women it clearly has its pros and cons.

As we weigh both sides of the equation, it is also quite obvious that the pros (or advantages) outweigh the cons (or disadvantages) in a big way.

Therefore, in conclusion, we would definitely encourage pursuing polygamy dating if you are keen on doing so.

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